Battery Doorbell - battery life

Hi all,

My Eufy battery Doorbell seems to be draining it’s battery fairly quickly.

Notable settings are as followed:
Geofencing: on,
Home - no recording / notification
Away - record and notify when motion detected
Motion detection zone: on

I’ve contacted eufy support and have had the unit replaced but I am still experiencing this issue with the new unit.

The battery has had zero motion detected and recorded no footage, yet it has dropped 7% in a day and a half.

Could this be something fixed with a software update?

Any input appreciated.


@j.richardsim I have two Eufy battery doorbell cameras and both are horrible in regards to battery life!

I have to charge them once a week, which is a joke. I’ll get less than 100 total events in a week and they will drop to 39% by Sunday. I might get 10 days if I’m lucky. This is no where near what they have stated the battery’s life should be. I wish they were like their other devices, because I own many of their battery cameras and do not have no where near the same issues. To say these are defective is a possibility…but it seems to be a more common issue.

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Thanks @Sobrevilla, that’s really disappointing to hear.

I guess if this can be optimised with a software update, it could make the usage a bit more bearable. But for now, as you mentioned, it seems less of a defect and more of a common feature…

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@j.richardsim I’m crossing my fingers it can be fixed with a software update, but I’m not holding my breath, lol. I’m invested in many of Eufy’s other cameras and the doorbell was in my mind, just an “add on” to keep everything in the same app/ecosystem. I would NOT recommend the doorbell camera by itself. Hopefully, with enough feedback they’ll make some updates and/or adjustments.

@Sobrevilla absolutely agree.

I’ve been in touch with Eufy support again, who will look into this matter with more depth. I’ll keep this post updated if they find anything of significance.


Update: eufy engineers reviewed my app logs and suggested that it has been triggering 50 times a day and have stated that considering this, the device is working as expected.

Seems unlikely considering I work from home and have full view of the front of my property - on average, there’s one to two people walking by, outside the activity zone.

Seems like a poor excuse for an even poorly designed device, considering they advertise a 6 month battery life. I’ve configured all my settings as suggested but one stood out to me: “set power manager to optimal battery” essentially making it useless and a simple doorbell and chime…

With the battery life depleting 20% in a week, I cant honestly recommend this product to anyone.

Edit: 30% in a week… I think a double AA battery lasts longer


@j.richardsim Thank you for the update! I feel there’s something different with the doorbell camera and its sensitivity. I know they trigger way more than it reports, which is why I believe the battery drains quickly. During certain weeks it shows that it has detected 16 events, has no false AI readings, recorded all 16 events…yet loses 50% of its battery life in 5 days. This doesn’t make any sense.

I also noticed by watching other nearby cameras that the infrared light at night triggers, but does NOT show up on the device as a false event. It use to before the last update. Regardless, I have messed with the sensitivity settings, zones, set human detection and nothing really improves the battery life. Thus having to charge two of my doorbell devices EVERY Sunday!! 180 days…Heck, I’d be happy with once a month, LOL!!

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Same with me. So basically this product is useless if you go on a holiday for more than a week. And battery life gets worse over time. So, in a year it will be totally unusable. Actually I’m looking forward to that. I’ll throw away this piece of junk and get a proper video doorbell from a more traditional manufacturer.

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@OdCam Yeah, it’s unfortunate that their doorbell option is no where near the same quality as their other products (especially with battery life). So far, I’m happy with my Eufy Cam2 and Cam2 Pro…I’ll cross my fingers that doesn’t change.

@Sobrevilla @OdCam

Ive requested their engineer re-evaluate this but I’m not holding my breath they will come back with a suitable explanation…

If more people speak up, maybe eufy support will re-consider this issues as more than just a normal characteristic of the device.

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Hi @Mengdi

I have contacted eufy support, had my unit replaced by the reseller, configured all settings as per recommended - yet the issue persists, draining more than 30% battery in a week. Support has suggest that the doorbell is being triggered 50 times every day which seems unlikely considering I work from home and I’m lucky to see one to two people walking by (outside the activity zone). As above, I am not the only one experiencing this issue. Are you able to comment/investigate this with the technical team?


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Just to note that my battery doorbell status tells me that it’s been used for 69 days, 978 events total but 131 filtered out by the AI, so 847 recorded and saved. It’s showing 57% charge, so it looks like it should last about 140 days before its last gasp.

I have to say that this compares very well with the two Ring doorbells I’ve tried. They would last a few weeks at most.

I customised the “working mode” to 45 seconds clip length, and a 30 second retrigger interval. “End clip early …” is turned on.

Thanks for the information martin_taylor

I have a very similar working mode:
30 second clips
Retrigger of 30 seconds
End clip early… No

I also have it set for geofencing so that it doesnt record anything at home. In the past 8 days, it has drained it’s battery to 84% with 8 events, 1 filtered out by the AI.

Can I ask what the temperature is like where you’re located? I’m finding a small correlation between the higher temperature days and the rate the battery drains. We’ve been average 35 Celcius where I am.

During Dec and Jan here in the UK I think it’s been between 5 and 10 deg C, and less than that overnight.

Yes, I also have gotten poor battery life. NiCd batteries are known to lose charge in very low temps (not high temps that I’m aware of) so I was hoping it was just winter, but it’s been pretty seasonable the last week or so and I’m still down to 37% charge after 10 days.

I have my settings as:

  • no LED
  • 30 seconds clip
  • 45 seconds retrigger
  • end early if motion stops = yes

With these settings I’ve averaged 1.5-2 weeks per charge.

Sorry to hear @eas10

The battery performance was so poor, Ive had to turn motion detection off. I’ve bought the Eufy cam 2c to use instead, and setup automation so that when the 2c detects motion, only then will the doorbell record. It’s a workaround for what seems like a flaw, but this setup has been working well. The battery of the doorbell and 2c sit around 75% and has been operational for 2 months.

Yes, my battery seems to drain pretty fast lately, I turned off all notification and recording

You are aware that the battery doorbell can be hooked up to your existing doorbell transformer and it will charge the batteries for you. I have had mine hooked up for a year and never had to charge it manually.

Live streaming will drain the battery, if that’s what you’re doing frequently. I only view recorded events or doorbell rings and my battery is still > 90% after 3 weeks.

Yes I would connect to a wire if I had but for now, I’m only using wireless if I had wire, it wouldn’t be a problem.

@Mcc240, I don’t use live streaming, I only look at my stream when someone ring when I’m not home.