Battery doorbell battery going down

Hi I have a battery doorbell that’s hard wired into an existing chime. For the first day or two the battery % was going up very slowly but for the last couple of days it’s been dropping I have turned almost all the setting off to see if that will help but it’s still going down??? It is only by about 2% every day but even so I would of thought it would stay at 100% all the time

I too have a new battery doorbell wired to existing chime. I charged mine to 100% before installing. After about a week, it had dropped to 94%. Eufy support told me…to protect the battery…it will not charge until the battery gets below 90%. Well, now, a week or so later, I’m at 83% and it still hasn’t charged yet. I know batteries should be kept at between 40% and 80% on most devices, so I’m going to see if it charges when it gets below 80%. If not, I’ll contact support again.

Thanks for the reply. Mine got to about 80% and then went back up to around 90% but it’s dropped back down to 85% today so I will wait and see what happens when it hits the 80% mark again.

Ok, sometime today after I posted, my battery doorbell charged back up to 90% and it appears it has stopped there. Probably to protect the battery as Eufy support told me. I’m fine with that. Good luck.

Mine went down to 80% then it charges back up to 90% and then repeats…

Thanks Kev


Does the doorbell app shows it is charging or does it just shows the plugin sign next to the battery?

Also how long did it take to charge back up?


Jon, mine shows just the plug in next to the battery in power manager. Mine charged from about 80% to 91% in just a couple of hours and it is staying between 80% and 90%.

I connected it to wire when it was 73%. It has started to charge but very slow. Only gone up a few % since 1pm.

Hey guys!

Please noted that the the camera reacoding setting will be affect the battery performance.

Please check the “Power Manager” for the battery detail and reach out so we can have the enginerring team to look into this case for you.

Remember your satisfaction is our top priority and we will be sure to resolve the issue for you.

Any of you check the battery status?

My battery starts to recharge randomly from different %, 83%, 87% & once from 89% back to 90%.

It used to start recharging once it reach 80%.

Yeah I know it’s not supposed to charge up to 100% but as support has said to others it should it should charge from 80% to 90% before dropping back down to 80% before it start charging again. It was doing this but has now started to charge at randomly.

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Mine sometimes charges at 81% or *82% back to 90% or one time 91%…but I’m ok with that, it’s staying charged and not over charging.