Battery Door Lock with Wi-Fi “offline”

I have an issue with my smart lock going off-line and won’t reconnect to Wi-Fi. I’ve tried putting in new batteries but the system seems to have no power. This is after less than 1 month of use. Any help from someone with experience would be appreciated as I’m kind of dead in the water right now.

When you put new batteries in it did you hear the start up sound? If not then check and make sure they are new batteries and are put in the proper orientation

I have this issue as well. I even tried disconnecting the device from the app, and now I can’t even add it back, so don’t do that. I even took apart the device, then reconnect, and it can’t even pass the Bluetooth step. If you’re underwater, I’m already on the seafloor. :neutral_face:

Have this been resolved??

It’s kinda hard to put it in the wrong orientation, but I’ve personally have heard the sound. Is the same sound as the reset button next to micro isb port. I even held the factory reset button till it says, “ready for set up.”

my lock was complaining about low battery and I replaced it with two sets of new batteries and the lock wont turn on either.