Battery charging icon is saying charging

My camera is showing the battery as charging when set up. Any way to stop it flashing

I have heard about this from someone else. This might be a firmware issue. What’s the version your camera is on? The flashing should stop after a while…

I have the same exact issue with one if the 2C cameras (the other one is not experiencing this).
The camera’s status icon in the iOS app shows that it is charging.

I did charge the camera up completely about a week ago. But I did not notice this issue until today. I believe that right after charging, the state was showing correctly. I think that it must have changed to this state a few days ago.

The current power state is 96%.
System version: 1.6.7 (8-28)
Subsystem: 1.0.72-20200820 (10-29)

I have this issue with my keypad… well it’s not really an issue actually, but it’s there. Cameras dont show it. Let me know when you found a fix.

Hi, I have the same issue. 1 of my 3 cameras in situ is showing it as being charged?.. working perfectly as far as I can tell. Is there a factory reset option to see if that cures it