Base station keeps reseting

Having an issue with my base station resetting itself, so havent had my cameras up all day.

What does the status led look like? Does the homebase report anything in the app?
Have you tried powering it down for some time and press the button so it would drain remaining power out of the device?

Status Led is working good stays blue then right before it loverly tells me it is Resetting itself it starts to blonk red.
Yes I unplugged it for a day and tried to plug it up again it lasted about 1 hour and then it told me it was resetting.
It Deletes itself from the app.

Sounds to me like a faulty device. I suggest to write to support for additional help.

Mine keeps doing that well. I lose everything all devices, setting, videos, etc. If I unplug it for a day. It will only work for about 12 to 18 hours.

any firmware updats recently or App update?