Bad Human/Motion Detection on Doorbell

I have become increasingly dissatisfied with my human/motion detection of my doorbell. I find that if I have the setting on human detection, one step down from all detection, sometimes I miss people leaving my house (so the backs of people) or car tires are seen as human faces. I would prefer to keep this setting on over all detection, just to keep the number of alerts down, but I find that I miss things I am interested in when I put it on human detection. I have an active zone to try and cut out some areas but I am thinking this might be part of the problem. Is there any update for the AI coming that may address this? Thanks


I have the same problem at times. I’ve had a delivery and the driver was never detected. I’ve moved to All detection, and that even misses activity. The other night deer are my lilies that are 5ft away from the doorbell, no detection. I have no idea what is going on, but it would be nice to have a way to create activity Los for troubleshooting things like this.


I am having this same issue as described above as well

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Yes, play with those setting mentioned. Still see many time traveller. And visitor voices sound terrible too.

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Well not that it will make any difference but I have to toss my hat to the ring here… because I have the same problems with motion detection (specifically identification of humans vs passing vehicles or even shadows cast by movement of tree branches) built into the AI features of my 2K wired video doorbell.

I’ve tried EVERYTHING and a few adjustments to motion zones & human only and/or specific detection levels have led to successful recognition of ANYTHING MOVING WHATSOEVER, or merely the occasional detection of delivery drivers (usually as they are WALKING AWAY so that I never see a face at all) and of course I still CANNOT for the life of me manage to get the thing TO FULLY IGNORE VEHICULAR MOVEMENT on the street in front of my home …the travel of which is 100% parallel to the doorbell camera, not at all perpendicular.

Moreover, the thing detects SHADOWS in the late afternoon & early evenings that are unavoidably cast onto the pale grey concrete surface due to sunlight shining through the boughs of two huge live oak trees & a crape myrtle. That is maddening as can be due to the fact that I don’t wish to be notified of mere motion, but rather I ALWAYS want to know when a human being is approaching my home from the street…which incidentally forces them to walk directly along a narrow walkway & up two steps to get onto my fully covered and essentially enclosed front porch.

The only other way a human could get onto my porch is by slogging into deep flower beds & tangling with very sharp holly bushes to then climb onto & then over substantial decorative railings. That means the two giant columns (to which the railings attach on either side) define the 4 foot wide opening of the front porch and the doorbell looks directly at this area!

What could possibly be a more “ideal” configuration?? Yet, alas, I miss about half of the delivery drivers either entirely or the doorbell only detects them and records as they are turned to leave and walking back to the street. Not much help there.

Disappointing to say the least.

I’m now faced with having to install a secondary failsafe…a Eufy PTZ 2K camera with IR for nighttime. Fortunately, I have a single large pane of glass up above my front door and there is a thin ledge that I can install to…the caveat …I don’t have a power outlet within the ridiculously short length of USB power cable provided by Rich and I refuse to invest more in fully wireless options that I’ve read have the same issues and worse! That’s literally crazy.

So… Eufy…if you’re listening;

PLEASE FIX THE AI / MOTION, & HUMAN DETECTION ALGORITHMS and also PLEASE consider adding multiple EXCLUSION ZONES or at the very least, please don’t constrain the shape to a square and the size to something that is frankly too small to do any good in my situation.



I hate to have to add to this thread but I’m having similar issues. I don’t think my detection view is difficult, no bushes or sidewalks or moving shadows, and yet human detection is hit or miss. Also, notifications are sometimes 15 minutes after detection has occurred. I’ve adjusted several settings to no avail. This thing is in need of a serious software fix. Come on Eufy.


Sorry Eufy have to agree with comments above seems to randomly detect people! We have a very narrow area of entry beside our parked car, so in spite of the fact the person walks straight towards the doorbell camera they are not detected :frowning:

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I’ve had 567 false alerts in 3 days and unless it’s birds flying past, there’s nothing else that could have triggered it.

I also have it set on human yet it keeps picking the dog up and whilst he thinks he’s human, he does still walk on 4 legs

Does anyone from eufy actually read anything on here

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