Bad activity zones?

So I have been annoyed with Eufy for months. Really bad motion detection. Sending alerts of things I don’t care about but any driveway or door activity will never get pushed as a notification.


I replaced my camera position, small activity zones reduced sensitivity but I got nothing except notice of cars driving down the main road which is at least a good. 2 mile away from the camera!!! Well outside the activity zone

Makes no bloody sense? I am sure smart people work at Eufy seriously beef up your activities zone code so it works as intended not as false alarm detection heap of junk but a proper home camera I can keep an eye on what I need


What is your situation? Is it possible for you to share the outlook of your camera?

Sure I don’t see how to upload a picture or all the clips of false alerts

When replying, there’s a little button in the bottom right which allows you to upload a picture.


Not working on my device. I will upload false clips and my active zones later today.

Tons of false alerts and my active zones. Every thing outside of it marked in red is picked up day or night. My driveway not important. Maybe 2 real alerts in a day. Activity zones should work right?

Even sometime the road behind the houses in front of camera will pick up motion that’s way out of range but a high priority for Eufy cam not my driveway

Anyone?? Any valid reasons why Eufy loves the street traffic more than the other events?

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What happens when you aim the camera a bit more downwards and set the sensitivity to about 1/2?

I can try that in the morning.

Just bought the 2k Battery Doorbell.
ACTIVITY ZONES DO NOT WORK, was going to purchase the 2K standalone cameras when back in stock. Glad its out of stock as I will not buy it now and instead read reviews on cameras with working actvity zones.

I have set activity zones to cover the end of our driveway, so not even to include the main footpath and yet everyone who walks along the path (which is alot morning as you can imagine) prompts alert. Have set sensitivity high and low also. Human mode only.

The battery usage is insane because of this. 80 alerts in one day. Battery down to 90% after 1 day. So much for 6months battery life. What a joke.

I can not recommend this product and will be advising all others to stay away.

Only had this a few days, will attempt to return

I have exactly the same issue with my battery doorbell too. I have bought the eufycam2pro , but looks like if the activity Zone is an issue with that (I haven’t tested yet ) , I will have to return this and also the battery door bell

Same issue here, but the strange thing is that all worked just fine until the last firmware and/or app updates. I was so happy with my system and my cams, but now I am getting false triggers… Is there anybody from Eufy addressing this or do they keep silent ?

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Figured out early on… the zones don’t work at all. Camera placement is the only answer.

The strange thing thing is that it DID work for a pretty long time. After the latest updates it is messed up again. This also comes with the draining of the batteries which was solved and now returned again. Also the late response of the cams has returned. In other words I was so happy with my cams but the firmware upgrades fucked it up.


I try again every update to see if it will work for me. Nothing yet. I have my work arounds… not perfect but working for now.

Don’t hesitate to tell us :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just took the time to watch your false triggers. I would also point the cam down to the point that you can “just” view the passing cars at the very top of the view and cut back sensitivity. Once the camera is triggered it will track stuff well outside any zone. The hard part to the puzzle is the thing that triggered the video happened well before the camera woke up. I saw a truck pass thru the sunbeam and the shadow crossed into your zones. I see several left to right vehicles trigger at night. Did a big reflection happen off your car windows that we couldn’t see? I would even move my camera around to see if that helps. Also try pulling your zones back from the road some and test that.

I’m the worst person to ask about activity zones… but playing with placement and sensitivity fixes a ton. Also when the view you want includes an active street…tough.

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I have the same issue with my Eufycam; I get notifications about motions outside of the activity zones all the time. When I walk into the zone I get no notification untill I’m about 2 meters close to the camera. It’s almost like the zones are the wrong way around, it detects a lot outside of the zone and very few inside the zone.
I really would like an statement from Eufy on this topic as many people seem to have the same issue.
This is where the zones are:

This is where the notification reacts:


Same here, putting it simply it just does not work, also posted on another thread, similar subject.

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