Baby Monitor Sounds Poor After Updating?

I’m wondering if someone could help?

I purchased my monitor back in April, for my new born to arrive in June. I tested the monitor and camera out back then to see how it was and it great, no issues.

Found out today you can update the devices to latest firmware - so I did because firmware updates should be a good thing to do. Ever since I did the update to the camera and monitor, I am now having issues with sound - it’s now clear and very hard to hear, especially for a new born when they arrive.

Before the update, I could hear my partner with no issues and it was clear when testing, and she could hear me through the camera. But since updating, everything has gone quiet and we have to shout to hear the other - which is ridiculous to do.

I have emailed CS team for support but I thought I would post on here to see if anyone else has had issues like this?

Also wondering if you can resent the camera? I can see a reset button on the monitor but not the camera.

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Go into the app, click on the cog wheel for whichever camera you want to access, then click on audio settings and adjust the settings to suite your needs

Hey, thanks for replying to the post.

We purchased the SpaceView Baby Monitor and I don’t think it works with the Eufy Security App?

If I am wrong, please let me know because that would be cool to have on the app.

Their customer service team contacted me back and gave me the previous firmware vision to go back to, and the situation has resolved and back to working as normal :slight_smile:

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Hi, To which firmware did you update the Spaceview baby monitor? And to which firmware did you bring it back?

Another question, did you also experience with the treshold vox when I put the treshold on 2 dots it almost won’t turn on the screen when the baby is crying. When I set it onto 1 dot it turns on every time.
What’s your experience with this?

Gr. Micha

I have having the exact same issue after updating the firmware! We have had the Spaceview monitor and camera since early 2020 and have loved it. We have a second baby on the way so we decided to get the Spaceview Pro for extra battery life. In order to make the cameras work with each other I had to update the firmware on our original camera and monitor…no problem. However now the audio is very faint and have to be turned up all the way in order to somewhat hear our son.

Before the firmware update we could have it on the second volume and it would be just as loud, if not louder. Other reasons I think the camera is having issues is because I could be talking with the camera 1ft from my mouth and the volume dots on the monitor are only at 2 or 3. Additionally, before the update if we were in monitor was on a moderate volume and in the same room as the camera we would get the ringing feedback. Now I have to have the monitor volume all the way up and within 2 or 3 ft in order to get even minor ringing feedback.

What sort of help did you get? I had the same issue on the Pro that we bought new but the support chat decided to send us a new one. I updated the firmware on those devices too so hopefully the new one won’t have any issues. They said they couldn’t do anything about the original monitor and camera. I have an email into their request to see if they can do anything else.


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For anyone passing by from Google. The new firmware V3.6.3 seems to solve my sound issues, mainly being low volume.

Firmware can be found here:

Check to see if the rubber buttons are placed correctly on the motherboard of the device. Open the device to locate the rubber buttons and try aligning them with the holes in the face of the device as well as the buttons on the motherboard.

Hello can you help me, I have the same issue as you. Can you send me the firmware version they shared with you (might it be the 2.4.4)

hope you can help me