Away Mode Activation for All Indoor Cams #frustrated

Yeah, so I’m pretty much echoing frustration and bemusement of others here.
In that Eufy systems do not have a 1 button activation of Away/Home Mode for all cameras.

When you have multiple cameras you should not have too and do not want to have to go into each camera separately to activate Away/Home modes.

Prevously i used TP Link Tapo basic cameras and they had this facility.
Reading other posts here it seems most other manufacturers allows this.

Come on @eufy_Official please listen to all these feture requests on the same topic.
For what I guess would be a minor programming update, it would make the product and user experience so much more convenient and give an allround more accomplished product.


I am actually shocked at such a basic feature not being in place.

Setting everything Individually on all cameras is so annoying.

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Isn’t it just @Theflare_007
I dont know of a brand that doesn’t allow this simple feature.
Why would you only want to have select cameras in Away Mode!