Automations: Recording Position Broken for SoloCam S340

I have a SoloCam S40, SoloCam S340, and Floodlight Cam E340 that are all connected to an HomeBase 3. I have an Automation that triggers on motion from the S40 and a Recording Action that sets the Recording Position of the S340 and E340 to look over at the same general area that the S40 is looking at. When this automation fires, I get a “Linked event-Video Recording” from the S340 and E340.

The E340 behaves exactly how I expect; it looks over for a bit and then looks back at its default location, and if it manages to spot me then it follows me around.

The S340, on the other hand, is behaving badly. Sometimes it makes a recording that shows it panning away from the the Recording Position I set and back to its Default Position (started recording too late) and sometimes makes a recording that shows it panning over to the Recording Position I set and then immediately back to the Default Position. In the latter kind of recording, the S340 will often recognize me via face recognition, but it does not track me, it just immediately pans back to the Default Position.

When I watch the S340 go through this process, it sometimes pans to the Recording Position and then immediately back a single time, and sometimes it pans between these positions twice. In both cases, I’m right in the middle of its FOV when it reaches the Recording Position but it never starts tracking me, it just immediately turns back to the Default Position. If I walk near its FOV when it’s back in its Default Position, it immediately starts tracking me.

Eufy team, the Recording Position feature is functionally useless as implemented right now for the S340. Any chance we could at least be able to set some kind of dwell time in the “Recording” part of an Action?

Basically the same thing is happening to me. The Video Smart Lock will detect motion and should trigger the Solocam S340 to move to preset position 2 and record. It almost always records a “Linked Event”, but only 10% of the time it pans to the correct location first.

I have a started a conversation with Eufy engineers about it.