Automation triggers 5 second recording

I have a 2c pro cam, 2k doorbell and a entry sensor setup in automation to record but only records 5 sec clips. Entry sensor only triggers 5 sec recordings. But If the 2c cam triggers motion the doorbell video will record longer than 5 seconds but not vise versa. I haven’t tried entry sensor to doorbell video yet, and yes if I remove “stop clips early if motion stops” it will record longer, but then I have a ton of long clips I don’t need. It makes sense that the entry sensor isn’t motion, so yeah it would only be 5 sec clip, but the doorbell has a sensor as the 2c cam, yet the linked video from doorbell motion to 2c cam is only 5 seconds long. I’m not sure how to fix this if there even is a fix. If anyone can help, thank you in advance