Automation Trigger with Time Setting


Would be nice on Automation to add a specific Time Length when triggered.
Example: When my Cam A detects Motion Cam B is triggered to record for 1 Minute.


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Dear user,

Thank you for your good suggestion.
Now the recording duration of a camera as the action device is the same as the recording duration set in the camera‘s power manager settings.
We will evaluate your suggested features. If there is the latest news, we will tell you in eufy community or eufy security APP.

Software Product Manager

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I agree! All my cameras are set to 25 seconds, but when I have camera set to trigger recording when motion is detected it will only record for about 6 seconds…

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3 years later and this hasn’t been rectified. I would like this also. I have my cams set to record for 1 minute. When Cam A is triggered it turns on cam B through automation but it doesn’t record for the 1 minute, only for a few seconds. I would think that this is an oversight but it needs to be remedied.