Automation in mode


It will be nice to enable/disable scenarios in mode. When i’m not at home i want turn on alarms when door are open for exemple

@f.charbonnel I guess I may not be understanding your suggestion…because you can set that up through a custom mode, not just automations.

i can’t turn on the camera alarm when a door is open

@f.charbonnel I’m still confused without enough clear information. You had initially mentioned if you were not at home you would like to turn on an alarm when a door opens. At the moment you could turn on an alarm through your home base and camera (under a customized mode).

If you want a camera to trigger and record when a door opens (meaning it was closed to begin with), then set the door sensor to alert the home base when it opens (check that box under mode settings). Then set an automation that when the home base alarms to record/alarm a specific camera. This way you can see who opens the door and the camera can alarm to warn the person.

If you want to record and sound off an alarm when a door is already open (for an extended amount of time), then it will not work with the current setup and would be more of a request to put on a “wishlist” for Eufy. There’s an option to get an alert through the app when a door sensor has been opened for an extended amount of time, but not an option to turn on a camera or sound an alarm.

Yes but when i’m at home i don’t want to turn on the alarm.

To be clear : At home i want disabled the alarm when the doors are opened . When i’m outside i want turn on the alarm.

This is possible through the security profiles in the app.
I’m not sure what you mean exactly, you can switch the modes in the app or keypad. In the respective mode you can disable and enable alarms.

No in mode i can’t turn on the camera alarm when a door are opened only the homebase alarm. It’s for that includes automation in mode will be great

I see. In the automation you can set up the camera alarm to go off when the homebase sounds an alarm.

It not my problem.

At home the mode are « At home » thanks to the phone location and i don’t want alarm when i open a door.

When i leave, my mode is « away » with my phone location. So i want turn on the camera alarm in this case. I want alert the neighborhood because the homabase alarm does not mean from the outside.

If you include the possibility to enabled/disabled automation in modes it will be ok for that and many other possibilities

I don’t understand what you mean. Based on what I read, this is possible through Automation.