Auto Lock setting turns itself off

I have the Smart Touch Lock. Eufy has already sent me a new lock. But it is doing the same thing. After a day or two it stops auto locking when the door is closed. When I go into the setting it is no longer checked. Does anyone else have the problem of the Eufy app turning off the Auto Lock setting?

Once the autolock is set to on, it can only be turned off within the app. So does anyone else have access to the lock via the app and they have permission to change the settings?

Also the autolock function works via an accelerometer, so it requires th door swinging and then suddenly stopping for it to trigger the autolock function. If the door is slowly closed then it might not trigger the autolock, I have had this happen once or twice when I come inside from getting the mail and I slowly close the door as I’m looking through the mail. But this is why I also have it set to autolock after 30 seconds, this way it will still lock if it doesn’t do so right away.

It locks fine when the setting is on. I am the only person with access. The setting unchecks itself in the app after a day or two, so it will no longer auto lock. I have to continually go back in and recheck the setting every day or so. It’s incredibly annoying.

I had the same problem…and its an easy fix. Autolock is based on the time that is set in the schedule. If you want it to autolock all day, you have to set the schedule appropriately to all day.