Auto lock locks even when my door is open

How do I get the auto lock to stop locking when my door is open

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It’s supposed to check that it’s closed and only lock if it is.

Did it ever work or is it something new?

Based on the tip & trick section, the autolock kicks in after 5 minutes (irregardless of door position) is due to power saving.

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That’s stupid :frowning:

Some broken door hardware in someone’s future with some wind slamming incidents.

Went and read the blurb again, it basically says ‘we have this awesome feature that only locks the door if it is in the closed position, then we got really lazy and decided to have it stop checking and just lock anyway after 5 minutes, regardless of what position it is in…’. You know, because battery…

Have it send a notification that the door is still open after 5 minutes and that the door is not secure instead of locking it so when the wind blows the whole device/locking mechanism and door frame is up for a wind slam.

Allow an override.

Both seem really simple and preferable.


No way it can be 5 minutes since mine is just a minute or so

Don’t own one… how does the lock know the door is closed/open?

Yep, my door was wide opened but the auto lock kicked in at a minute mark or so. Also, set the auto lock at either 1 or 30 seconds but took the door look good minute to auto lock itself

Don’t have one but is there an override? Can you get a notification instead of auto lock or can you turn off that setting?


Would there be any solution to this?