Auto lock is not reliable after updating to firmware

Hello Eufy,
My Eufy Smart Lock Touch came with firmware 1.2.5. I set the Auto Lock for 1-second. It was working reliably.
With the cecent firmware update to, the 1-second Auto Lock does not work reliably anymore. The 3-minute auto lock works, however. When it does not Auto Lock, I recalibrated the Auto Lock and it would then work for a while . Please look into this issue. Is there a way to go back to earlier firmware?

Perhaps the 1-second is too short ? The next allowable setting is 30-second.
Can the time be something like 3 or 5 seconds?


I have the same issue. Did you figure out how to fix this?

Same issue. Only way to fix is set it to a time you don’t want first and then back out and let it complete an auto lock. Then go back in change to 1 second and then back out of settings Menu and try auto lock. No idea why anyone would have to go through that process to get it working but that’s what support has me do. I told them it’s silly and needs to be fixed in a firmware update. I set to 30s first and after set back to 1s