Auto lock feature schedule doesn't work

I can’t seem to figure out how to get auto lock to only work in set schedule. No matter what I do if Auto lock is on and i have a schedule (no matter the schedule), the door locks. If I have the auto lock off but have the schedule set, then the door never locks (no matter the schedule). So not sure what I am doing wrong.

Maybe the time on the lock is different than the time on my phone? how do I check that?

Real question… For what reason would you be concerned? (BTW I share some concern and am using this for a specific case.) Is Eufy not very good reliability? i.e. afraid it will not keep people out or that you wouldn’t get in? For me I am using It is a redundant lock that I added, door to garage to allow for access to helpers when on vacation, etc… So security wise this is stronger than where I started. And for this case, I think the real risk is getting locked out, but have other ways in for that case. i.e. NOT all doors are on this these locks…

This is a ridiculous statement, there is nothing wrong with the Eufy smart locks. They have been tried and tested and have held up better than many well known brands, none of them connect to Eufy or any server so all information such as fingerprints and passwords are stored within the lock itself making them very secure.

I have been using the smart lock since last year, and now even the new wifi lock as well and have not had any issue with it. Paired with my security cameras in and around my house, I have nothing to worry about.

@torchill there is a new firmware out that address the autolock function, so check and install the update to see if that helps you.

The new firmware for me is ver

Firmware didn’t fix the issue. Unusual, reinstall. Flush off days in app didn’t fix the issue. So autolock feature still doesn’t work on schedule. It autolocks 100% of the time within or outside of schedule.

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Found out my issue. The auto lock time is off by 8 hours… London time. This is not the issue with my non wifi lock, just the wifi version.