AU RRP pricing for video battery doorbell (and add-on!)

Came across this for those in Australia - as hasn’t been locally available purchase until now

But more exciting for us existing users with a HB2 already, is this - can buy the add-on only!!

Haven’t seen news of the add-on being available for purchase elsewhere, although support had said earlier this year they’re working on it, so thought I’d post …

thanks for looking after your existing users Eufy :+1:

(PS mods - can’t post to the ‘News’ category, so looks like it just has to go to site feedback)


Hi Gazing,

 Really thanks for your continuous support and love to our Eufy battery doorbell. Regarding this battery doorbell  in Australia, our exclusive distributor in Australia already shipped the first batch goods to Australia this month, so we think  you can purchase it soon. And the add on pack will be a little later, we are working on the order ,  customer in Australia may be able to purchase them in Q2 too if everything goes well.

We will keep you posted once any further info updated. Thank you again for your support to us.

Hope it comes to the UK both wired and wireless

Update - that store I linked above for the add-on only, and now the Anker AU store, have both pulled their listings down.

I hope it still gets released soon - plenty of us existing users who just dont need another HB2!!