Apple Watch thumbnail notifications

Out at lunch today … watch alerts me “Eufy”… 1 tap and boom!!! Thumbnail I can clearly see a vehicle in my drive that I recognize. Pull down to dismiss and back to lunch.

Now THATS how it’s done! Big smile here. Only wear my watch when I leave the house so a first. Awesome!!! (2c)


Nice to hear you’re liking it!
I’m enjoying the thumbnails a lot, too.

Gets me wondering, how does it look on such a tiny screen? Can you clearly see what’s going on and who’s there?

Good question… time will tell. I bet most of my friends I could pick out. Vehicle types will be easy (prime/ups). Will see.

Was happy that it went straight to the pic without me needing to tap again. And the pic was as big as it could get across the screen and it didn’t have some ridiculous giant circular “play” button covering it up ( like the device screen on the app )

It’s a really great feature! Love it on my iPhone and a Apple Watch when it works, not 100%. But still very happy. You can clearly see who or what has been detected on the Apple Watch. A huge thanks to Eufy for implementing this awesome feature!

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Update: got home and played with this a bit. Khy888 is correct… easy to see what’s going on in the thumbnail. I also used the Apple Watch zoom feature on the notification pic… it’s a clumsy zoom but it works. :slight_smile: