App v4.7.6_1865

Latest Android v4.7.6_1865 app has alot of issues video playback is very choppy and recorded videos will not play sometimes and when they do they are also choppy, I have uninstalled reinstalled the app also rebooted the base with no change. Previous app worked great. Does eufy even respond to these posts?

Eufy does not care query here posted here.

You need to send them feedback through app. Try multiple times for each issue. Key is mot the ftontline answer the report. it is the developer knowing the problem.

the new app turned cameta uselesd as owner cannot play Live and Events at all with Armv7a. device. you need to include device type in your feedback

Still having the issues with new app live feed and recorded video playback freezing with ghosting and what’s strange is if I download the recorded video on my phone the recorded video plays fine. Its not my internet I have 100 megs down and up. My system worked flawless since July of this year till now I have the 4k S380 base and S330 cameras with 7 cameras. I downloaded the previous app v4.7.5_1843 and everything works great, recorded videos and live feed is smooth during playback so it’s the app issue.

How do you download the previous app please ?