App thumbnails auto refresh

Back 2 years ago when I supported the eufycam project on Kickstarter, I submitted and idea for the mobile app that received significant good feedback from the community.
So far it is still not implemented.
One thing that would be super useful would be to have refreshed thumbnails of all cameras when opening the app.
This would allow users to avoid clicking on the camera to see the latest snapshot of each camera and therefore save battery.
My previous Logitech video security solution was working like this and it was really great.
Everytime I opened the App, each camera thumbnail was showing me extacly the snapshot as t the time I open the App.
We could also imagine an auto refresh every 10 or 15 minutes or so…
Would appreciate community and Eufy team feedback


It would have been nice to get some feedback from Eufy team…

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Sounds like a huge battery killer. If the cameras were powered, it probably would be a good approach. The other concern is pushing that data through the network every time. I have 9 cameras and a doorbell and the refresh would probably choke my internet connection. Each camera takes an average of 50-100 Kbs for 4-5 seconds to load the initial image. You would need a pretty big pipe to push that through routinely without effecting other traffic.

It is actually the opposite as it would prevent checking cameras one by one to see that nothing happened ( this is what most users do on a regular basis)
And a refresh like every hour or so could be a good alternative at least…
But onpenig my App in the middle of the day and only seeing thumbnails that refreshed at night because an animal passed by is kind of disturbing…
Again, this is a UX proposal.
I love the solution and I’m big user as well with a total of 9 cameras+ door bell + several sensors and I believe this would deliver a much better and satisfying under experience.

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