App not work on Android 14 beta

Just updated to latest Android 14 beta. The update uninstalled Eufy app. Fails to reinstall after update. Is there some incompatibly?

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There is no guarantees with any beta. beta has lots of bugs. Your question should be in Google Android forum.

There was a post ,I believe on Reddit, that talked about the Eufy app headers not following Android requirements. I don’t have the link, but you should be able to find it.

If that is the case, it follows a long series of Eufy application issues because their developers didn’t follow Android requirements. They still haven’t fixed the Eufy app to override Do Not Disturb so it will send a notification if a threat occurs while DND is on. That used to work, but they broke it several months ago.

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I have the same issue with build AP11.231020.013.A1 . Former 14 Beta builds we’re inconspicous.

I earlier went to check a camera and discovered the app was missing!?!? I have never had an app uninstalled automatically! Thought I had lost my mind and started searching for an answer. Found this thread. Good grief Eufy / Anker!

My app uninstalled on it’s own, also. Now can’t reload the app. Please fix this!!!

Google Android 14 deleted your app?

Yes. Latest Android 14 Beta removed the app as it does not conform to Google security policies

Eufy just released 477-1895
You should try.

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The App can bei installed again, everything is fine.

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Thanks, yes it works for me now