App crash after .894 Update. Beware

After an an App Update to .894, my Eufy 2k indoor crashed when try play video. Try to set schedule 24/7.

Cannot read sd card.
Detection will not work. My postman stuck his face to camera and no capture.

App said is to improve monitoring service.
Did Eufy hired Wyze software guys?

This is atotal unacceptable uodate.

I have to uninstall current app and installed early version.

Now even with older version app, notification died. No notifivations.

Live view works…but play back is dead.

If You folks have similar issue, please register a feedback to customer support through app.

So far, I have not heard back from Eufy.

I hope Eufy will release a good version tomorrow or re index previous version for release as there is no notifications at all

This version of app really bad.
No notifications.
Connection issue

I have the new app version on 4 devices and haven’t had any issues with it. The first one I updated, I went through and tested all of my devices and changed configurations on indoor and outdoor cams and everything worked fine. I then updated it on a tablet and it worked fine. Currently have it on 2 Samsung tablets, a LG phone and multiple Bluestacks emulators running on Windows 8.1 and haven’t seen any problems.

So are you a pay customer?

If you are asking if I paid for all my Eufy gear, the answer is Yes. What that has to do with anything I don’t know. I am saying that your experience doesn’t seem to be typical, as you are the only one reporting an issue.

Paying for the cloud security experience.

This happens after an update .
Also, this update asks for permissions to your address book (contacts).
Since this is not a watch nor it is a phone, I think a bit hairy redline for my friends address, phone numbers.

No, I’m not paying for their cloud. I don’t think they thought through their delivery mechanism, so I don’t see any point in giving them my clips. I’m afraid if too many people use that service, it will push the priority for expanded homebase storage down the list or off the map.

Didn’t see any kind of message asking for a permission change on any of my devices. When I originally installed the app, I turned off everything but storage, even though the app didn’t like it. I checked just now and all of the devices are still set that way.

I agree, my contacts aren’t any of Eufy’s business and if they implement that change so I can’t block it, they will hear about it.

I am still trying to figure out whether it is my device or their app.
I was using last version and was very happy until update.

I have read in forum somewhere other members suspect their App or firmware update may crash/destroy sd cards. May be my problem is relate to sd card?

Am using older version of App now. No issue other than no more notifications at all.

@cf7 I have had problems with their app since December (v2.6.0). Since then, nothing but issues with my videos. Sadly, I know it was the iOS app, because my wife didn’t update and had no problems.

I’ve been waiting for a fix ever since with no luck. And what’s worse is they just recently forced my wife to update her app as well…and guess what? Same issues that’s I’ve had since December, LOL!!! I’ve reached out SEVERAL times to Eufy Customer Service with no real explanation. Their last remark was to try it on an Andriod device!! WTF?!?

Sorry to hear you have problem too.

Not sure what Eufy changed in their sd card read/write driver.