Anyone successfully setup solar panel charging for the eufy cam pro?

Just wondering if anyone has done this? Its sad that Ring have solar panel chargers and Eufy don’t, so we can avoid the rigmarole of recharging the camera. Would be great…any skunkworks success out there?

I bought this one a few months ago for 10 bucks, used it on 2c cameras with great results. Didn’t have a pro to test it on though.

There was always a worry about what a (fairly) constant charge input does to the batteries that have a finite cycle life though without a firmware update to address, which was never answered.

If you are just looking for something that will charge off the bat very inexpensively, here’s your huckleberry.
I use mine to charge power banks and anything with a battery for ‘free’. Ones with lower specs haven’t worked on other users devices, this one charges a 2c very satisfyingly. It has a usb output built in, plug and play.

Soshine Mini Solar Panel 6v 6w Solar Panel Charger - USB Solar Panel with High Performance Monocrystalline for Bicycle,Cellphone,Power Bank(not for iPhone)

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