Anyone know what I need to do to connect to home base?

Hey guys. Giving this one last shot because I’ve spent a few days trying to connect.

Have a home base 2 that came with my wireless doorbell. In fact I have two.

I tried both. They won’t connect. I have them plugged into the router directly. Made sure the ssid is simple. I’m connected to wifi. Tried pressing that sync button. Tried disabling 5ghz, tried turning of all security and even firewall.

I’m using an Orbi router if that helps.

Oh I also tried a different htc router and still no go.

I don’t really know what to do anymore.
I scoured the internet hoping somebody figured things out but I can’t figure anything out. The closest thing to a solution was a guy said he tried 50 times and it eventually worked and he could find the homebase on his app.

when you say “i have them plugged into the router directly”, are you saying you have both homebase 2s plugged into the orbi? and just for the record i’m using an orbi without any issues so it is likely not your router.

Are you saying that the Homebase 2 won’t connect or the Doorbell won’t connect to the Homebase? When you plug the Homebase 2 into your router there will be a red light on the front. After it connect to the router it will turn blue. Your router also need to have access to the internet for it to turn blue.