Anti-theft can be turned off too easily and some other "bugs" + missing features

Hi, I have been using eufy cam 2 kit + 3 extra cam 2’s + Android for one week now and here’s what I have discovered and what bothers me app wise.

Found out that you can turn off the cameras anti-theft detection just pressing sync button which is a big big bummer!

Could this be fixed?

It would be more convenient that if the camera has anti theft feature on either the sync button wouldn’t work or trigger the alarm when pressed.

Below is the features that I would like to be on the app and configuration. Bugs also…

App features / bugs.

  • advanced user settings

You could add advanced user settings to app. Which could include the individual schedules for each camera. That would also include the motion detection change. As where I live the sun doesn’t set at the night time in the summer so it’s constantly bright even in the night time. It would be nice to set the camera to record all the movement on night time when daytime that is not required.

  • Rearrange cameras on app.

Thanks to community found a way to arrange the cameras, which was located on seperate menu under setup. We’ll this isn’t as intuitive as some of us has used to, so would be nice to rearrange devices also on the view tab.

  • Option to choose basic view when setting the schedules.

It would be much easier to edit schedules on basic detailed view than current week view.

  • Adding/editing schedules bug

there is also a bug when adding/editing schedules. App removes /overrides all current schedules, even if the new time wouldn’t fit the earlier time frame.

  • Day range to filter events.

Currently on the app you can filter events by camera, but you have to browse events day by day. It would be nice if you could set a date as range to query the events and browse all results in one go.

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Hi, I’ve rearranged my doorbell and 2c via the app. Can you do it by the three bars at top left and then click on settings?

No haven’t found any way to Rearrange the devices on the android app. :pensive:

Well that sucks, but does not surprise me. Luckily it displays as ordered on both my phone and tablet.

If your talking to me Android. :slight_smile:

I’ve got a Zen Tab on 7.0. About time for a new one.

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Ok found that thanks!.. But why the hell its a seperate menu under another menu item… Not too intuitive at least what I’m used to. Anyway found it so updated the wishlist…

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Don’t feel bad. When I saw your post I knew I could do it, but it took me a bit to find it again. :slight_smile:

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