Anti-theft alarm goes off but eufyCam 2 does not record the event

Today my dog (I presume) set off the anti-teft alarm. Camera is on a wooden pole, part of the wooden fence, roughly 2,5 meter high. I think that the dog jumped on the fence a little to hard… I was able to turn it off remotely, but when I checked the events recorded at that time there was nothing! Motion detection sensitivity is at 7 for all motions and no activity zone is set up. I like that the alarm goes off at the slightest movement, but would like to see what triggered it also. Anyone else has this issue?

More than 2 years later but yes, just had the same thing. Anti-theft alarm went off (maybe a bird sat on it) but no recording. Surely this is the exact time you want the camera to be recording, if some thief is trying to make off with it and has sneaked up underneath the camera to steal it.

Also, how long does the alarm go off for? I wasn’t in at the time so I have no idea.