Another Reason to Back SmartDrop! Existing Users Get a Free 1080p Indoor Cam

Hey, eufy fans!

Here at eufy Security we value loyalty. We also believe that it is something that should be rewarded.

That’s why we are offering a free 1080p Indoor Cam to all our awesome eufy Security users that back our latest Kickstarter campaign!

Our all-new SmartDrop offers an intelligent solution for protecting your home deliveries and can save you 100s of dollars in lost packages.

Head on over to Kickstarter now by following the link below to save up to 40% and to earn your free Indoor Cam!

The future of secure deliveries is here.

Link :Secure Deliveries Made Easy with SmartDrop by Eufy Security — Kickstarter


you almost got me to commit to the 2 unit pro bundle. but when i went to the kickstarter link and it displays it’s support (kickstarters support) for an organization i strongly disagree with, you lost me.


Hey now, gotta drive demand for those security systems somehow! Fixing the core problem would mean a lot of businesses go out of business.

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For anyone that ‘backed’ this as an existing user after receiving an email that you’ll receive a free indoor camera beware!! Looks like now they’ve changed the terms and conditions now you must now pledge to buy it! Luckily you still have the option to cancel your backing, please see the before and after below:


I think most of us sensibly understood this offer was for a full product pledge and not the “here’s a couple of quid” pledgers.


Yeah, I think it would be understood to anybody with a little common sense, that you’ll get a free camera if you purchase one of the kickstarter items. They’re not making money by giving you something for free, without some kind of purchase. SMH


Well dah, must be a blonde

You have GOT to be kidding. This is a clarification of the terms because, obviously, there are delusional people that think they are somehow entitled to a $40 camera for a simple $10 commitment. The ONLY thing they would be Kickstarting by doing that is BANKRUPTCY.

this seems like a very interesting product except I didn’t enjoy in the video how for their proof of how strong it is they whacked a massive crowbar over it and it bent… Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t think the crowbar would have bent…like if you’re going to give me proof of how strong it is I actually want proof not some comedic sketch but that’s me personally

Not sure how this product would help me since I can’t get the delivery service drives to even put packages on the covered front porch. I have seen them left next to the mail box at the road, in the mail box even thought it is not a USPS package, at the bottom of our driveway leaned against a tree, in front of the garage doors (so if you don’t pay attention you will back over them as you open the door and back out of the garage), on the front porch steps (not on the porch but the lower step and there are only three) and them sometimes on the covered front porch. Then in the process of leaving the property they turn in the yard leaving tire tracks to the point they are killing the grass or leave tire track if the ground is wet…Not sure a security box on the porch is going to curb their behavior as calls to complain has done nothing as new drives get hired.

Wow too good to be true