Anker takes aim at Ring with the new Eufy Smart Floodlight + Camera (Save 25%)

Original Link:Anker takes aim at Ring with the new Eufy Smart Floodlight + Camera (Save 25%)

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Not too long after the Anker-owned brand Eufy debuted its 2K Video Doorbell, the company is back at it again with a smart floodlight. As was the case with eufy Video Doorbell, this Anker floodlight takes aim at Amazon’s lineup of Ring security products. This could not be more clear with its strikingly close resemblance to Ring Floodlight. So how does it compare? Continue reading to learn more and find out how to unlock a 25% savings.

How does this Anker floodlight compare with Ring’s?

A large turn off for smart security systems is the need for a recurring monthly subscription. Ring requires it in order to see historical recordings and the Eufy Smart Floodlight with Camera does not. While certainly a huge win for this Anker floodlight, it’s worth noting this is achieved using local storage instead of keeping it in the cloud. This could lead to longer buffer times at homes that have a slower internet connection.

Eufy’s new offering features dual 2,500-lumen floodlights while Ring only manages to offer 1,800. When it comes to video quality, both Eufy and Ring sport a 1080p sensor with support for full color recordings, even at night. Ring features a 110-decibel siren while the Anker floodlight chimes at 100, roughly 10% less. Both devices offer 2-way audio, smartphone notifications, and the ability to pull up a live view.

Pricing and availability

At $199.99 , the price of Eufy Smart Floodlight with Camera undercuts Ring by about $50. While we couldn’t find an Amazon product listing at the time of this post, it can be ordered direct from Eufy. Even better, a launch discount of 25% off can be yours when entering code NEWLIGHT at checkout. We expect this Anker floodlight to make an appearance at Amazon in the near future.

9to5Toys’ Take

While there are a couple of Ring doorbells at my home, I have yet to pick up a smart floodlight. If I were to do it, I find Eufy’s subscription-free offering to be quite compelling. This is the reason I opted for Blink XT cameras as they have free cloud storage, unlike what Ring has to offer. Plus, I can pick up additional Blink XT sensors to further expand the amount of cloud storage available to me.

An additional perk of going with an Anker floodlight is the ability to circumvent the cloud entirely. With companies like Ring coming under fire for giving employees access to live feeds, there’s certainly a case to be made for opting out of cloud storage, especially at home.

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flood lights are great, especially if you do not have a security camera. This usually will also deter any unwanted traffic/people

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