Anker eufy security 360 sd card

i bought the camera two or three days ago, I inserted a 128 gb sandisk SD card.
there were no problems for 2-3 days.
Then the notification came ,because the memory card was removed.
When I connected, the image was going back and forth like in the video, what could be the problem? the memory card is not visible at the moment, and the device does not come to its senses without removing the memory card and inserting it back in

Actually the first issue I see is the camera infra red light is being exceedingly good at picking up the white background on the right hand side of the wall, in the clip it seems the camera is on the cusp of how bright the sensor needs to be to then switch the infrared light on and it seems its constantly on that switch over on,off,on,off and it continues and so on. I’ve had this issue in the past, I moved the camera away from a solid large object as this was highlighting the infrared wavelength way to much, by doing this the camera now has less infrared bounce back and stopped switching between nighttime/infrared and daytime picture. I’m no expert on these issue it’s something I’ve just found out myself and it’s worked good for me. The SD issue card issue potentially might be a corrupt card. Try formatting in a pc first then inserting into the camera. The press and hold the factory reset button for at least 20 seconds so you hear 2 beeps together. This will then reset to factory. Wait for 2-3 minutes for a solid blue light then add the camera to the Eufy app. Once you have completed this format the SD card again via the app. Then see if the fault you describe occurs again. See how you get on any issue let us know… as I would be interested to find out the end result. By the way Eufy email support is good in my opinion they will resolve the issue,takes time. But bear with them…