Android Smartwatch - Eufy 2c Pro Thumbnail notifications

Hi there.
Does anyone know if there are any smartwatches out there that supports a thumbnail preview image to display on the watch for a Eufy 2c Camera ?


Apple Watch. And my favorite feature of this system.

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Mine does; it’s a TicWatch E2. I imagine any Wear OS device will behave the same.

Thank you for the feedback. @Jason_Knight. I can confirm the TicWatch Pro 3 Google Wear smartwatch also works.

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Does the TicWatch E, TicWatch Pro 3 or any Wear OS watch connected to iPhone show smart notifications on the watch? I have the Apple Watch which does, which is a great feature! But would love a round watch that can show a Eufy camera motion captured smart notifications on the watch connected to iPhone?

Not sure to be honest i believe you won’t have the full functionality of the watch when paired with the iPhone , but not sure re notifications