Android: eufycam no notifications

Last couple of weeks Ive found that I am notngetting any notificafions on my phone when a camera is activated

They are still recording just no alert

I havent changed anything on settings, phone and app still set for this to happen but nothing. Ive tried restarting phone and homebase still no luck

Check and make sure your phone has a power saving exclusion set up for the Eufy app. If it doesn’t and you have power saver enabled, it will stop or delay notifications. Depending on your Android version, go to Settings, App & Notifications, Special Access, Power saving exclusions and turn on for Eufy.

This is by far the prime cause of notification issues with Android phones.

I had similar issue. You just need to clear all the notification. It will then work.

some phone has about 20 or 40 notifications limit.