Android eufy security app latest not showing power percentage for battery video doorbell

My app updated today and now in power manager in my battery video doorbell it’s not showing any power percentage whereas on ios apple phone it is showing percentage. Please fix

This is on purpose if you have a wired battery doorbell.

Why is ios same update showing power percentage though? This is a bug in android app

You assume it’s a bug. The latest iOS no longer shows the percentage.

Why would they remove the power percentage when wired? I need to see the percentage so that I know my battery doorbell camera is charging correctly.

I think because many people are asking why their wired battery isn’t 100% when it’s connected to a power source.

Anyways, you can downgrade on android. I’m not updating the app until it gets a worth while feature.

Contact support about your dissatisfaction.

Brilliant! Because your clients ask questions about the information they get, you give them less information :joy:
Not blaming you SmOotie :innocent:

Haha i know man. I would prefer to know the battery level. Now that I know how it cycles, it bothers me less.

Eufy should just clarify it somewhere and be done and leave % where it is.


It is better to educate your clients, than exercise “mushroom management” (feed them … and keep them in the dark).

This reminds me of when Apple removed the estimated time left on battery from their macbooks. They did because of so many users complaints about battery life appearing worse. Rather than educate consumers, they just removed a feature.

Just because Apple does stuff like this doesn’t justify Eufy doing it. Yet… all the “big guys” do it , so there’s a precedent.

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My battery is down to 45% since yesterday. Its quite hot here in London but my doorbell isn’t even in direct sunlight. At this rate its going to get to 0%. It’s still showing charging… Hardwired and down to 49…Honestly this doorbell batter performance is garbage!

How do you know the percentage if eufy have removed that feature from settings on latest version for both ios and android.

In iOS you can still see the percentage when you switch the “Working mode” in the “Power manager” menu. Maybe also on Android?

I’ve tried that but it’s still not showing the power percentage. Looks like I’ll have to install previous version when eufy didn’t remove the feature.