Amazon Echo Show integration is poor

My son and I both have Eufy Doorbell and he also has Eufy Cameras. The Echo Show integration is disappointing on two counts

  1. When you ask the Echo Show to “show me the doorbell” or whatever your camera is called, it takes 15secs to load. Far slower than other brands like Swann and Yale Cameras

  2. The doorbell alert response on Amazon had been random. Recently I had a doorbell ring at 6pm and did not get the alert until 550am the next day. Same problem as several months ago. Kudos to Eufy to taking some ownership, but disappointed with the ‘it’s Amazon’s problem’ Well it go fixed and has come back again. Once again, I have loads of Alexa integration and use it a lot. Eufy is the main one that stands out as unstable

This is further compounded by just how slow this web site is and begs the question,does Eufy need to invest in some decent hardware in their datacentres?

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Exactly the same for me. Very disappointing

Amazon Echo integration is abysmal and really shouldn’t be listed as a feature till it’s rectified. I have the same issue with extremely delays and the video feed taking longer to load than me answering the door!