Am I hacked? Pan/tilt is being taken over

Okay, first… In Feb 2020 ,my Android phone got hacked by my ex and herc18y/o daughter. She has money and means and I have proof.
Since then, I got a 2c 2cam kit and a pan/tilt. The daughter came over for several hours about a month after the install. Now, the pan/tilt cam led goes to solid red all the time when I should be the only user. When I log on to it, it’s kinda like I’m fighting against someone else to control the cam. And yes, it started the day after the brat daughter was here. I changed my P/w and the WiFi and that help for about a minute. Right back to solid red so I flipped it off and powered it off?? Lost now coz I don’t knew if my entire system is hacked??

  1. It wasn’t red bc it was set to be recording, was it?

  2. Check if you are sharing cameras with her in “Family & Guests”.

  3. I just tried connecting the pan/tilt camera on my account to a separate account of my wife’s. It deleted the camera from my account when I connected it to hers, so that’s not what you’ve got going on.

  4. Does she have your eufy account password? Change the password to that. Your account can be logged in on more than one device.

Beyond that, its above what I know about. Maybe nothing but a glitchy camera? Maybe some kind of monitoring or parental supervision program shes got on your phone? More than I know about.

I’ll check. It is set to record 24/7so maybe that’s it.

No, I should be the only person with the p/w.

Ok, here is how you solve this problem.

First, get a box. It must be large enough that it can completely enclose the camera and ideally is at least medium size.

Second, find a picture of a female more attractive than the suspect (probably a low bar). Print the picture out and place it inside the box on all sides.

Third, place box over camera and wait.

If your suspicions are correct you will get a violent emotional response. If you really wanna go hard at it before that third step create a notarized letter explaining what you are doing and why. Then when you get the emotional response document everything. Then show her confessing that she is hacking your cameras and there is now a 1% chance they will rule in favor of the man (you).