Am i going crazy? lol

Ok so I bought this Battery powered Bell earlier this yr. Had a terrible experience. 2 replacement bells BUT I like the video quality etc better than the RING bells my siblings have,so I stuck with it. Out of 12 sibs, I chose EUFY LOL. For months my bell would sound whenever I went to remove it to charge the battery. Which I loved not worrying about anyone taking the camera. Really there are people out here that don’t care if they are caught on cam. Some faces can’t be seen clear especially covered or when they do it quickly. Don’t believe me? Install this app named (NEIGHBORS). Anyway it just stopped even after enabling motion alarm multiple times, cutting the bell & chime off even resetting everything. The alarm doesn’t even activate anymore after changing the chime sound. One issue I already had was the bat life. IT SUCKS! but I use to change out between 2 bells every 2 weeks. Yes with motion off, LED off, night vis off Battery still DIES! I found a way around with 2 bells. The alarm not working is an issue. I would have to get a RING bell. The need for the alarm trump’s vid quality because there are Bell destroyer’s in my area. Disgruntle neighbors maybe I don’t know. Just know 2 bells were taken this year. I was shocked until I viewed the neighbors app. Some people are just distributed. People that smile in your face & look so kind until you see the real them in action. Quite scary. Just wanted to know if anyone has had this issue? If it’s a fix around or not. Eufy help has not been helping in chat or emails. Alot of times the customers figure things out. Appreciate any help in advance. Apologies for the long read. Stay safe and blessed.

Ummmmmmmmm… What?

Update a year later GARBAGE! Please do not buy thus device. I Bought 3! All trash… I was changing each put every week. Dies super fast even on bell ring only. Motion is a Joke you will get maybe 3 real alerts out of 50 people coming in and out lol. Now the b

Was cut off lol. Now the bell detects nothing! Only works when bell is pushed. Have to change out every 2 days now. I’m not an idiot. I bought 1,then 1 was sent out to replace was told keep or discard the other. My daughter bought me one SMH. How I ended up with 3. Wasting the 1st ($149.00 on this garbage still has me sick.