Allow ignore box to be larger

Please fix the ignore zone as you can only add 1 small box, you cannot make it very large at all.

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Can you specifically describe your question?

The red box for ignore motion areas can not get as big as the blue box. The blue box can be made much bigger and into different shapes.

Is there a ignore box option? Havent seen one… i have red box on my eufycams but i thiught thats a activity zone box rather then ignore box?

@ubair.khan the small red box with 4 adjustable nodes is the ignore box. Currently it has size limitation, eufy tech team is aware of it and they are looking into it.

My doorbell activity zone only has the blue box with 6/8 nodes , how do i add the red box in my door bell?

@ubair.khan which doorbell variant do you have?
ignore zone is only available for wired doorbells but not for battery doorbell.

Thanks- i have battery doorbell. Also on my eufy cam pro and can2c activity zones i have blue green and red boxes — does the red box on eufycams also mean ignore zone?

No, those are combinations you can work with in the absence of multiple nodes.