Allow eufy to bypass do not disturb mode?

Using android 11 on my Samsung 21 ultra, I have given permission to bypass the “don’t disturb mode” in the settings of android 11.
But when a trigger is activated there is no sound when “don’t disturb mode” is on.

Is this a known problem or do I forget something?

Is the system not set to ‘vibrate’ or ‘silent’?
On my phone, I had to specify settings for the individual types of notification the app sends out, too.

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Thanks that did the trick, in the “do not disturb mode” the Eufy Motion had no sound .

Can you tell me how you changed the sound for do not disturb mode?? I’ve found the override option but it’s not working here and wondered if I’m having the same issue.

Hello, I have a Pixel7 running Android13.
There is a list of apps that can bypass the ‘Do not Disturb’ option.
But for some reason the Eufy app is not listed as a possible option.
So now when I go to sleep and set the phone in “Do not Disturb” I can’t hear any alarms.

Is there any way to fix this ?

Anyone find a fix for this please? Its not ideal issue when i wake up finding motion on eufy doorbell and someone tried to steal my car and i werent notfied at the time of event!