All camera and doorbell are offline

I reset my modem and its working good rn. All my cameras and doorbell are offline. I even reset the homebase and still offline. Whats going on eufy?

Same here … tried resetting camera and homebase… now nothing is working!!

Same here with my three cameras it’s been showing offline since 03/04/21 I refresh the app then it works ok and I when I close the app down and open it again I get the same issue showing offline status.

I owned two wifi touch door locks and having the same exact freaking issues. Unlike other brands, these Eufy smart devices couldn’t reconnect themselves but will need help from the human being.
We have to be PHYSICALLY INSIDE the house to reconnect ourselves which defeated the purpose of smart devices. Plus, their technical support is extremely bad since they krpt asking for the log fike even though these issues can be easily recreated themselves (reboot the wifi router)