Alexa Skill Issues

Anyone else had this issue?
Last week there was an app update, since then there is new function in Alexa app to allow the ar/disarm of the system via voice (not tried this yet)
Since then the cameras state there is a problem and cannont be viewed either by Fire TV or Echo Show, this was working previously.
Unlinked the skill and re-lined same issue so in the hands of support.
Ticket has been raised with support and see what the outcome is, this does look as an either the app update or Alexa skill issue.

Screen shots attached, ignore the kitchen camera as from another provider not Eufy


Hi Yes have exact same Issue. Tried everything but always get “There is a problem”

Same issue here since update. Hasn’t ever worked

Eufy have responded to the ticket with the following:
Please unlink eufy skill from Alexa and re-link to see if the resolves the issue.

Done that same issue remains.

They have asked for video of what happens on Echo Show to help with the issue, think they have missed the point, the skill has a problem so it wil not work on any Alexa video enabled device.
It apprears this has been since the last Eufy app update 7th May or they have skill linking issue.

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I bought mine a week ago, it shipped with the latest firmware a the HB2 and at the BattRB. Linked Alexa and not even once I have been able to use the “show me the doorbell” function. Also noticed there is no Alexa announcement for either human or movement detection but for when someone pushes the ringbell button??? I have my mechanical bell and the base to alert me. EUFY, please fix this.

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I’m also experiencing the same problem when I view the cameras in Alexa App it’s just shows There was a problem and your unable to connect to the cameras tried it on my Echo Show 5 and it cant connect

Yes, I also have exactly this issue with Alexa Show… just purchased and very happy, apart from this problem.

Thanks for reaching out. If the issue still persists, please send us an email to

Please provide the eufy account and the serial number located on the camera device so we can further assist you.

We apologize for the inconveniences, look forward to hearing back from you and wish you a lovely day.

Hi, As per the orginal post the issue is with either the app or Alexa skill, i have already contacted support and advised to unlink account with Alexa and re-link, this has been completed with no effect.

Others may not have the exact same issue but from what i am seeing on the Alexa skill reviews there is a software problem.

Been couple of weeks now and not resolved…

Exact same issue, same error message in App. This is the second non-functioning feature these cameras are advertised as having in the two days I have had them. NOT impressed.

Eufy (Anker) this has to be resolved, seems as the skill has issues or the app??
Is this being looked at?

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Same here, eufy has great battery life but they cant keep up with the updates with apple etc. work for a while and then chaos.

I am done, everyone warned me of their premature releases.

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Thanks for your message.

We are really sorry to hear that the EufyCam 2C does not work properly with the Alexa. And really sorry for the inconvenience occurred. In this case, please try the following tips to see if it helps.

  1. Delete and re-link the EufySecurity skill under your Alexa account;
  2. Reboot the Router, reset the Homebase to see if it works.
  3. Confirm ‘communication’ and ‘message’ has been enabled in Alexa

If the issue persists, please reach out so we can have the engineering team to look into this case for you.

Remember your satisfaction is our top priority and we will be sure to resolve the issue for you.

Best regards,


Note commertns below:

  1. Delete and re-link the EufySecurity skill under your Alexa account; - Done, No Change
  2. Reboot the Router, reset the Homebase to see if it works. - Done, No Change
  3. Confirm ‘communication’ and ‘message’ has been enabled in Alexa - Done, No Change

If the issue persists, please reach out so we can have the engineering team to look into this case for you - Ticket raised and pending items to be resolved

Struggling to see how this is taking time to resolve, it clear that there is a skill linking issue, my view is either roll back to previous version that was working or fix the issue.

In addition to the camera item, now installed door sensors which work great on Eufy app and are seen in Alexa but do not change state?

Why allow items to be seen via the skill and not work?
Seem that the software is lagging behind the hardware.

Eufy have responded on the door sensor being seen in Alexa.

“At present this is nit currently supported and will be passed to R&D team for possible future”

Stange that the skill allowa the sensors to be seen but can not be used??
Dont see the point?

I just had a look at this I was able to add a routine so when the entry Sensor detects the door open to get Alexa to saying door is open and the same for door is closed

This doesn’t work though tried it on my Echo Dot and Echo Show 5 nothing is outputted through the speakers and this causes the Dot or Show to no longer respond until I disable the routine

Already tried that hence the post
Pointless Alexa seeing the devices via the skill and not able to antthing…

Received response from Eufy support today, this was advising that the sensors are now working & supported on Alexa.

It still does not work and the responses should be verified prior to issue, this is clearly not the case.

Come on Eufy/Anker pull your socks up!!

Yeah still doesnt work for me either unless it needs an update to the Eufy App or the Alexa App for this to work