Alexa Routines Not Working With Eufy 2c

I just bought Eufy 2C cameras for home security it works well on Eufy security app but when it comes to Alexa routine integration with Echo dot or fire stick it’s not working

This is real disappointing for me when eufy mentioned it’s Alexa compatible why this was not disclosed

Guys be careful

Thank you

Also unable to get Alexa routines working with 2C pros.

Have Eufy said anything about this? Extremely disappointing considering its advertised as working.

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Why would you want Alexa introduction since it cant access cloud service between the two. Your aware this product is chinese made and Chinese Gov can see anytime. It is vulnerable and most likely will never be fully compliant to google, apple and Amazon as those servers are being used by Homeland Security and are located in Kamloops BC Canada. You dontneed everything to be Alexa enable to show off to your neighbours. All your security features and devices should always be hidden or private from any discussion and your friends dont need to know your living like the jones or topic for the next house party. This is not a toy for Millennials.

Same here; any progress?