Alexa lag for live view?

I have two 2C cameras connected through Alexa to show a live feed directly on my Echo Show. However, I noticed a discernible lag to the extent where I could go outside, come back inside, and still wait to watch myself in slow motion.

This is supposed to be a live feed. My phone, connected to the same network, with the same great WiFi signal, has no problems. But viewing anywhere else it’s extremely far behind and very slow.

Anyone else with similar experience?


I have commented on this on other threads. I also experience significant delays before the live feed comes through on Alexa. I would like to be able to see who is at the door on my Echo show but it’s quicker to walk to the door And open it.



Yes, I have the same issue with the battery doorbell and my echo show 8. When I try to go into live view I get a Eufy security screen and a loud stuttering noise and then when it does eventually show the image its so far behind the live action that I can also walk outside and back in again and then wait 20 seconds before I see myself going outside. It’s completely unusable for live view. Doorbell notification across alexa devices working fine though as does live view on android devices.

I also have 2 floodlight cameras on the same network and they don’t suffer from this issue as the live view works just fine

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I feel like if I can’t see a live view of my cameras then what’s the point. Recordings - multiple seconds late. Notifications - roll of the dice.

The field of view seems decent, but not if you’re over 10 feet away. Unless you’re a car 100 feet out, outside the detection zone - that always gets picked up. Why??

As much as their software sucks, even Amcrest sells secure WiFi cams for $60 without the need for a home base with much better reliability and much better features.

I mean, if you’re going to copy and go after the Arlo brand… Why not try and be better?

Removable battery? Nope.
Secure & reliable home network? Nope.
Solar support? Nope.
Full field of view detection zones? Nope.

There’s so much more but I’m not impressed. Frustration is the nicest way to describe these cameras.

i realize this is a year old, but i checked before buying mine and the network is secure and it supports solar.

There is a 2 minute delay from all 4 of our 2c pro cameras and wired (battery) doorbell. All on echo show 8 and 5. Wired connections to the echos using powered ethernet adapters. Even on WiFi same delay.

My opinion, not worth it if the delay is this bad.

I get a 1-2min lag for my my eufycam 2c, my E, and all four of my interiors 1080p cams on Alexa as well. There’s a liveable 5-10sec delay on my phone, but through alexa to my firestick tv it’s the 1-2min. Was considering upgrading router (Comcast standard issue) but based on this I’m not sure it’ll help. Definitely not as good as my neighbors Wyze system that can stream multiple cameras live to their tv without much lag.

Here it is May of 2022, and the same problems everyone else had according to this thread since 2020 are still happening. I have a Eufy cam 2c, and the lag between my front door cam and my Alex show 8 is ridiculous. My daughters have literally gone outside to the front door camera, danced, ran back in to see themselves dancing and ran back danced again before they were able to see themselves dancing from the first time. Talk about a security issue. It’s a good thing that lag doesn’t occur on my phone. What’s the purpose of touting it works with Alexa when it doesn’t work properly. Where’s the fix for this?

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