Alexa Integration with Eufy Cameras

Has anyone cracked the speed at which the Eufy Cameras connected to a HomeBase unit respond in a reasonable time to Alexa Show me commands?

I’ve had a long debate with Eufy over this topic. The first thing to say is the support has been awesome, however the outcome is, well that is how it is. Yet when I use Alexa to show me camera’s made by Yale or Swann, they are much faster. How wonderful would it be to see my doorbell camera really quickly on my Alexa Show 8 (and 5).

For clarity, I have a 108Mbs Fibre network, my home base sits within 1m of the Wifi access point and my video door bell is about 8ft away from the homebase. I’ve tried all the tricks, rebooting the homebase, disabling and reenabling the Eufy Skill on Alexa, rebooting my wifi and so on. But at best I get 8 seconds and can take upto 20secs at times, by then the person at the doorbell has gone off and order a curry or a coffee :slight_smile: