Alexa announcement when doorbell has rang

Wondering if someone could help me. I have just recently got the Doorbell, with it all set up and running smoothly. I have also set it up, so my Alexa Echos (Echo Gen 3 and Echo Dot) but I am having issues with the Echo Gen 3 announcing the door bell, unfortunately is does not seem to work. The Echo Dot works like a charm, no issues.
Is there a bug or issues with older generation Echoes that is known, or is this something I am at fault with?
I have selected everything needed for the announcements to work in the Alexa app because the Echo Dot works, but the Echo Gen 3 doesn’t seem to do as it’s told.
Thanks for reading.

My Echo is generation 2 and it works fine with the doorbell, as do my three Echo Dots, I have the announcement device set to include all my Echo devices - the default might be to announce on just the nearest one when you set it up.

Hmmm, my nearest Echo was the Echo Gen 3 but for some reason it still wouldn’t do it. My work around was to set a Routine via the Alexa App to play a doorbell sound when the doorbell is pressed - solved the problem :blush: