Alarm not loud!

Concern the alarm is very weak and wouldn’t scare a mouse ?’


What camera and how many decibels is the alarm

Are you referring to the camera or the home base? My Cam 2C is very loud however the home base is not very pound also being inside It will not be heard outside. Eufy needs to make an outdoor siren.


My Homebase 2 alarm isn’t very loud and it’s set to max volume, I thought it would make the dog start barking but he just ignored it and continued sleeping on the sofa.

I agree an external siren would be perfect and it could work well with the keypad eufy have brought out


My homebase one is SUPER loud. Eufy must have put a smaller speaker in the homebase this time around. Fyi I am getting 120 db what about you?

I could only use an App on my phone to try and record the dB and it was only coming out around 70db whether a phone App is an ideal tool for measuring it I don’t know but it’s definitely not super loud that’s for sure

Just tried it again and max I’m getting is 80db

That is very low.

I share the same concern. I forgot to disable the alarm and was upstairs. My base is located on the main floor just below me. It went off when my spouse opened the door. I could faintly hear the alarm but didnt know what it was until i looked at my phone and realized it was my eufy home base alarm for the security system. I probably would not wake up to it if went off during the middle of the night. This needs to be fixed.


Hey guys :slight_smile:

If the issue still persists, please feel free to reach out so we can have the engineering team to look into this case for you.

Remember your satisfaction is our top priority and we will be sure to resolve the issue for you.


I agree that the alarm in the Eufy Home Base 2 is disappointingly not loud enough. I would gladly buy an external siren if one was available. It is much much quieter than any security system I have had before. I have a property Sound Level Meter at work, but I expect it isn’t more than 80 dB at 1 meter. I’ll check next week.


I would make sure any volume setting is turned up all the way

This is my main issue with the Eufy security system as well. The Homebase II alarm is not intimidating even if standing right next to it, let alone on another floor. In the bedroom with the door closed or from outside it is barely audible at all even if it’s dead quiet in the middle of the night.

Now I know one ‘solution’ is to purchase cameras that have a built-in siren and link them but only the expensive Eufycam 2 allows this functionality. I would have to buy four of those just to get a good alarm volume inside and outside.

I’ve emailed Eufy about this gap in their product line-up but the response was a very generic ‘we appreciate al customer feedback’. Would love to get confirmation that this is being worked on and will be launched in the next few months or so. That would at least alllow me to buy additional sensors with confidence.


Same here, external siren should fix this concern

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Has anyone been able to connect their system to a smart plug. Then put a siren to that? I know it connects to Google home but I can’t seem to do it

Wow… people are digging up some old threads. One of these days I’m gonna rip open my homebase and snip the speaker wires. I have like a gazzillion powered speakers ( my side hustle is a DJ ) I’m gonna make a secluded crazy loud siren. And my homebase will stand quietly and ignored doing its job.

Why The Idiots at Eufy don’t build this … when we all want it…. And will pay for it… confuses me.

I do this… but… I have to go in manually every night… and then shut them off again manually every morning. No real human person would play with automations twice a day like I do. Stupid! Stupid… Stupid!

I just spoke with another rep from Eufy today. Latest is that they are not making one and don’t have plans to make one. I asked him to pass the message up the chain that we need one but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Best I can tell people is to either return their kit, sell it, or spam their customer service lines and hope that, that changes things.

Yeah I agree too! Actually just went looking for one, and over 12 months on still not available.

I am very dissappointed with alarm sound volume. I have spent over $3.5k and sound is pathetic. System is just under a year old. Not something i thought i would have to worry about at my age. Cam sys 2