After Many purchases, it's time for change

I have been a loyal user of Eufy’s security cameras for a long time, and I have both indoor and outdoor cameras from their brand. However, I was considering replacing them with another brand until I decided to try out the new E330 camera. I must say it works great, just like most of their other cameras. I have even participated in some of their beta testing. But Eufy’s software falls short of expectations, which is why I am now planning to switch to another brand.

I was excited to purchase the new Homebase 3 with my E330 camera and enjoy all its features. Unfortunately, the integration with my other cameras has been a total failure. While I could go on and on about this, I see that many other users on the forum are facing similar issues related to Eufy’s software.

I wish Eufy all the best, but I can’t wait any longer for my software issues to be resolved.


Start thinking the same.


Totally agree. My Homebase 2 has totally failed after just 16 months. Yes it’s officially out of warranty but the best they can offer is a 20% discount on a new purchase. As if I want to keep replacing it every 16 months….
Low quality products and low quality customer service.

If you were planning on staying with Eufy, you can usually find used Homebase 2’s on Ebay for less than $50. Thats probably a better deal than their $20 discount.

I found one for $30 a year ago and bought it just to have a spare. Apart from having the bicolor led not turning blue issue, it works fine for testing and a backup. I’ve had my original HB2 for over 4 years.

One thing I did to extend its life was to buy the HB battery backup that sits underneath the HB and provides battery backup for short dips and power surges. Flaky power plays a part in lots of electronic failures.

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