After app update...issues with videos! Do NOT download!

Today, I updated my iPhone to iOS 14.2, along with the newest Eufy app (2.3.0). I am now having several recorded videos which are skipping several seconds of recorded footage.

For example, I can have a clip of 14 seconds and it plays for the first 5 seconds, then skips to second 11 and finishes. Meaning the middle of the video is gone. Another example is having a 21 seconds clip, but when I download the video to my camera role only 5 seconds is downloaded.

This is a MAJOR issue that I’m guessing is app related. I never had this issue before the updates. So it’s not the phone, wifi setup, cameras, locations, etc. Anyone else having the same problems??

UPDATE: I got onto a separate device that is also running iOS 14.2, but has NOT updated the Eufy app. The same videos I am having issues with in my phone are all intact and work correctly. This is an APP issue!!!

UPDATE: After checking many videos from the last week…the videos that having the most issues are the ones where the camera alarm was triggered. As soon as the alarm sounds the video stops, then skips a majority of the clip and ends quickly. There are some other skipping videos that are not alarm related as well. Hoping someone from Eufy can address this big issue!!

Have exact same problem. Downloads to iOS devices are spotty. Video plays fine from the app/base, but downloaded to iPads (tested two) and iPhone (brand new) have random freezes and skips. I have to download three times and then pick and save the one that works. Eufy please help.

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@Sunshifter I emailed Eufy support and explained to them my issues. They asked for sample videos, which I sent. I made it clear that this all started when I updated the app to 2.3.0 and none of my other devices were having issues. I’m hoping they release anther update in the next week or two. This has been an issue with Eufy…they try to update their app or devices and several times bring up other issues that were not there before. :man_facepalming:t2:

Still waiting for an app update. This version has been nothing but problems (video lags, dark screen on live view, camera unable to connect, missing video clips, downloads incorrectly, camera disconnected, etc). Not sure what genius is working on their app, but it was a definite downgrade!! I’m hoping Eufy addresses these issues.

Within the last couple of weeks, they have updated their apps, home base, cameras, and doorbell chimes. Lots of moving parts…and lots of issues. Please focus on creating a stable and consistent “security” system!! :man_facepalming:t2:

Hello @Mengdi any information on the next app update? My recorded videos are getting worse with this version…half the time I can’t see my recorded events without videos that have several pauses, skipping or missing moments. I emailed customer service who asked for example videos to send to the engineering team, which I did. I’ve yet to hear back with any updates or alternative ways to get this addressed. Any information would be helpful. Thank you!

I can ask the customer service to contact you again.

Thank you @Mengdi !! Customer Service (Cherry) just emailed and said they are releasing V2.3.1. It hasn’t updated on the App Store as of yet, but I will definitely keep an eye out for it. I appreciate you reaching out to them!

My App updated last night to 2.3.1_804(EU).

Under ‘What’s new’ it has a note about fixes for video streaming and buffering.

I haven’t noticed any difference, but I didn’t have any problems in the first place.

@egst.404 Good to know…thanks for the feedback. I’m hoping this newer version fixes the issues I’ve been having since I updated to 2.3.0.

Today Dec30 app 2.31.804 US updated, playback just like slow motion.
Even goung to forum is slower.
Please reverse app. bk

@cf7 That’s no good!! Sorry to hear this recent update caused you new issues. That is one of my biggest complaints with Eufy…updates sometimes bring issues that were not there before (camera, home base, app updates). :man_facepalming:t2:

Do you have same issue?

I have restarted 2K, still same problem.
I am strea!ing in medium speed and it is not even highest speed.

It should be called Downgrade version. oh, it is Android app. my tablet is os5

@cf7 It hasn’t updated for me in the app store yet, so I’m still on V2.3.0 (aka. 2.3.0_629). After hearing your issues I’m hesitant in this update as well. However, I’ve had my issues for almost 3 weeks and half my videos are useless to watch on my iPhone Xs Max running iOS 14.2.

If you have the question, email will be faster to solve.

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Already submitted a ticket.
uninstall and re install …same problem
slow motion play back

Do you know if Eufy has previous app fir user to download? not 3rd party stuff.


@cf7 Good thing you submitted a complaint to Eufy. They need to know that users keep having issues with their app after their “updates”. Unfortunately, I am unaware of how to go back to a previous version. I’ve just played the waiting game until they release a new one again. As of today, I still haven’t seen V2.3.1 in the App Store, so still having issues with half of my videos.


I think this Update is buggy.
othet than Slow motion video.
When I click on the eben popup notification, usually very fast to open Eufy App,this version will Not bring Eufy App to view event.

I should have had backup the app before download.

@cf7 Agreed, lots of issues in their app updates. It’s very concerning when users invest money in their products that are effected by their buggy app. In the future, I’ll try to update their app on a different device and test it out for a week before I update it on my phone. However, it’s sad I have to do it this way. :man_facepalming:t2:

Having the same issues. Just received Thursday Dec 31, and I was prompted to update firmware which I did. The bad news- it’s buggy. The good news- it should be software not hardware issues so a firmware fix is the solution. I have the 2C Pro.

Been testing today / observations:

  • “person” only detection is hit and miss. I would guess it works about 60-70% of the time. When I switched to “all motion,” it works better and seems to catch everything in testing by walking up on porch. Some walking up on porch was caught as “motion” and not as “person” so no alarm and no push notice since this was day. I will be using “all motion.”

  • playback on app is very glitchy and skips. It seems to be worse when testing with the camera siren. When the siren starts, the video stops and restarts a few seconds later. If I did not use the siren, the video was a little better. That said, when I downloaded the skippy video from the app in a siren test, the video play back from the iPhone photo album is better and smooth.

  • not all of the video length from the app downloads to the iPhone photo album- what downloads to the phone is missing several seconds of the beginning of the video as shown on the app. For example - a 60 second video in the app only downloads 52 seconds to photo album - missing the first 8 seconds.

So until this is fixed, if you need to see a video, download it to your phone and then play - and not play from app. Not sure if an app update or a firmware update will fix - but it seems to be the app.

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It’s also Android phones because I’ve got one of the newer OnePlus 8 5G phones and I’ve only had my camera for a little bit less than 2 months and everything used to be absolutely fine and I could even hear peopl clear as day all the way down at the street in front of my house and the recordings would start before I could even tell why it had started like it would notice a car coming up the street or something before I could even realize that there was a car coming up the street. But as soon as everybody else was having these problems mine had started too. Because now my videos are just absolutely delayed or they just sometimes don’t record and when it does decide to record with it’s super delayed videos which is basically when the object is clearly almost gone out of view again or the person is already all the way back down to the street getting into their car, the entire video will have a terrible like almost annoying screeching/low growling sound. Sounds ridiculous but thats basically all I can think of to really explain it. My boyfriend says it sounds like a demon almost (he didn’t mean literally lol) but he was just trying to come up with something to reference it too lol… It’s weird. And I’ve got these camera on my front door (hopefully soon on my back door as well, it’s the 2K Wireless Doorbell.) Because I’m a domestic abuse survivor to where I’m scared to even leave my own house and me and my children could really only afford the one camera as of now, because he’s still out there and he’s looking for me so I need these cameras to do better than this. I haven’t barely really even slept at all because the cameras being dysfunctional so I’m not feeling safe. So if someone finds something out about this update or how to fix it can someone oleas let me know. Thanks a ton!