Adding Wired Doorbell to Homebase 2


I have the hardwired 2k Doorbell installed and functioning. I recently purchased cameras and the Homebase package.

The cameras are part of the Homebase, how do I add the doorbell into the homebase?


I don’t think you can. The wired doorbell is not supported by the homebase 2. The BATTERY 2k doorbell is.

I wan t this to be explained as well why the Wireless 2k Doorbell is compatible with the 2k Pro base but the Wired is listed as ‘not’ supported. What is the reasoning for this and when will it be compatible? I can unplug the base or run a long ethernet cable temporarily if they need to be 1-3 ft in order to ‘synch’.

then again…I have a 2k indoor cam that has the synch button and after multiple resets will not ‘pair’ or synch with the 2k homebase which is VERY frustrating.

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The wired doorbell is older…it was introduced before the release of the battery doorbell. The wired doorbell connects directly to your wifi. The battery doorbell connects to the Homebase 2…which is connected to your wifi. The advantage of the battery doorbell is you can place it anywhere or hardwire it to your existing doorbell chime…and the battery doorbell stores it’s video clips on the Homebase 2. The WIRED doorbell stores video clips inside the doorbell. The wired doorbell also has the 3 second pre-record function so you see the person walking up to the door. The battery doorbell has to “wake up” then start recording and will miss some of that person walking up to the door. The wired door bell simply is not designed or capable to connecting to a Homebase…as far as I know. Hope this helps.

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Oh, forgot to address the 2k indoor camera…I too have the 2k indoor camera. Eufy has said that they will introduce a firmware upgrade that will allow the 2k camera to connect the Homebase 2 sometime soon…but that hasn’t happened yet.

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The wired doorbell and 2K indoor cam are not designed to integrate with the Homebase.
I doubt if the firmware upgrade will fix that in the future, it has to be hardware change.
Battery doorbell has advantage to connect with Homebase as the doorbell communicates with homebase using a low profile wifi to consume less power and give you 180 days of usage (between charges).

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How can the 2k indoor cam be ‘not designed’ to integrate. the rear of the camera has a ‘sync’ button just like the 2k outdoor cameras. I think @Charlie310Lv3 is more on track than your prediction. the wired door bell being faster in responses over the wireless I will take if it means sacrificing the homebase storage option. Would be nice if they could just batch the alerts daily or weekly to the homebase instead of handcuffing the wired doorbell like the wireless slow response over the low profile wireless connection.

The Sync may not be functioning same way across the board. But you may be right too… I wish that you are correct but only time will tell.

Or you know, they can just communicate over the home wifi network /shrug absolutely possible.


Actually, the camera and the doorbell both connects to wifi, and also the homebase. It’s just the camera requires the homebase as they can’t run alone. The doorbell on the other hand does work alone.

It’s just about a firmware to make the doorbell communicate with the homebase. But I don’t know if Eufy will make it actually.

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As a software developer, I can tell you that if a human can connect from a phone app and manually download clips from the doorbell, then you can add this functionality to the homebase without even needing to upgrade the firmware of the doorbell: Whatever you are doing from the phone app, the homebase can be programmed to do itself.

Eufy will never be a smarthome “ecosystem” with all these half efforts and incompatibilities. This is what makes the difference between buying a couple eufy things and buying into and staying with the whole smarthome offering of eufy overtime.


What to me is most offensieve and misleading, is that they put a big picture of the home base 2 on the box of the wired Doorbell…

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Here is the box of the wired Doorbell it clearly shows the homebase 2 and it would strongly suggest it would work with it.

Any clarifycation from eufy would be nice, in my opinion this is misleading consumers.