Added a Eufy 2K Doorbell to my M&S House Audio/Intercom System

Today I installed the powered version of the Eufy 2k Video Doorbell. It was not so straight forward for me as my original doorbell was part of an M&S Home Audio/Intercom System, so the doorbell power was coming from a circuit board on the system which was giving out a DC voltage and not A/C 16-24v that the Eufy 2K doorbell required. So if you have one of these M&S Systems and easy fix is to find the wires running to the doorbell in the back of the M&S System unit, it should be Green & Yellow cables attached to a small circuit board on the rear of the system. One is marked tone 1/2/3 and the other is called Common. Remove the right pair and then disconnect the main power connection from the A/C 110 adaptor, this has 5 wires, two red, two, black and a green wire. There should be a pinout diagram inside the wall casing, cut pin 1 cable (Red) and Pin 2 cable (Black) these wires contain 18.5v A/C. Solder them back together and attach the yellow wire to black and the green wire to red, make sure you use heat shrink or good electrical insulation tape. Now connect any color wires to the two terminal screws on the back of the Eufy 2k Doorbell and mount it. Now go back and plug the block connector back into the power source and you will now have an Amber ring flashing on the doorbell, follow the instructions and all will be good. Obviously put your system back together again and test, but the PSU for these devices can more than power them and the Eufy Doorbell. I hope this helps someone save some time as this took me 7 hours to work out and make sure everything was correct.

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I also have a M&S house intercom system. Could you elaborate more as to what to do?