Add on cameras which one to choose

Hi I’ve just recently purchased the doorbell and homebase , I’ve got nest cams but have to pay monthly fees , so going to swap for eufy cams. Just a query on which is best eufycam 2c or eufycam 2 pro , I know the difference between charges but is the 2k far better than the 1080 for the difference in price?


I would say yes the 2k is much nicer. I have the 2k indoor pan and tilt as well as the 1080 EufyCam 2c kit and In my opinion the indoor 2k is much nicer. I love the 2C setup, but I can tell a diff when I zoom in on something with the indoor 2k. They are both very nice products though. Had mine for about 16 days and really enjoy both setups indoors and out. I guess it comes down to do you want to spend that extra $100+ for the 2k version. Either way great security setup for today’s market.

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Definitely pick 2k over 1080p!
The indoor pan & tilt 2k cam is different from the eufycam.
Here’s a video from lifehackster comparing the three cameras. He also has other videos for other eufycams, so you could check those out as well:

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Thanks for your replies , I ended up getting the 2k version of which arrived yesterday so charged them up. Left them in the lounge today ready for mounting, but when came home they picked me up and started alarming!!! No idea how to turn it off as don’t want that happening once they’re fit lol